Monday, May 28, 2012

Katzenjammer - Kait's Mixtape

I made a new musical discovery recently and as a result I've added a few tracks to my OCD playlist. My OCD playlist is graced with music that I find energising, inspiring and addictive. Hence the 'OCD' bit of it. I can listen to the tracks on there ten times each in a day and not grow tired of them. In fact, they seem to become more and more enjoyable with each playing. 

It's a great list and it changes and grows as I discover new stuff - like Katzenjammer. This is a Norwegian band made up of four incredibly energetic and creative women. They each have their own style and they play dozens of different instruments. In fact, when they perform, they rarely play the same instrument for more than two songs in a row. 

Their latest album has just been released and whilst I am delighted by pretty much every song on there, one song in particular has become my own personal anthem at the moment. 

As a life coach and on a personal level as well, I believe that opening up the choices available to us is essential to living a contented life. 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' is a brilliant song because it totally expresses this abundance of choice and our freedom to take and make them. 

"You can be the sun and the moon and the stars
Or the bass or the drums or the lead guitar"

Here are four women with incredible talent who made the choice to play whichever instruments they wanted. They are an incredible example of living what you love, loving what you do and making as many opportunities for yourself as you want. 

The choice is up to you and whatever you choose, you're going to live it. So why not choose a life you love? 

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