Monday, April 2, 2012

Wear as many hats as you like!

I never considered myself a polymath. I've always thought that the word was meant for people with full blown careers and a single focus. I felt like the word was for someone more skilled or experienced.

But then I began to consider the definition. There are no hard and fast rules about who counts as a polymath and, as with any identity, how we define ourselves is entirely up to the us.

The Empress is all about creativity. 
Too often we let our self definition be limited by how the outside world perceives us. The result is letting other people limit the possibilities of what we can do.

In my life I have been (And in many cases still am) a babysitter, youth worker, project manager, retail employee, kennel technician, researcher, administrator, personal assistant, painter, workshop developer, speaker, animator, furniture builder, fundraiser, writer, graphic designer, social media expert, journalist, sculptor and now, life coach.

If that doesn't make me a polymath, I don't know what does!

Before you try on the shoes someone else has given you, pay attention to the pair you're already wearing.

If you've planned out a holiday from beginning to end, sorting all the itinerary of everyone involved, and it's successfully come to fruition, then you've got project management skills.

If you doodle in your spare time, or you doodle in meetings or while you're on the phone, you're a sketch artist.

If you like to figure things out for yourself and are really good at getting answers, you're a natural researcher.

Make your own list. Look at all the things you've done professionally but also personally. It doesn't have to pay the bills to be a worthy skill and it doesn't have to be specific to a single role or career. By writing it down you can see your talents and see just how awesome you are.

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  1. Okay, no accidents. I just finished reading another blog post where the author encouraged us to acknowledge ourselves - really acknowledge where we've been and what we've overcome and who we are now. I'm thinking after reading your post, today is a day for me to look honestly at myself and assess who I am in all of my hats.

    Thank you for the message!


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