Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not the Only One

I love when I'm listening to a song and the words perfectly match how I'm feeling, what I've been thinking or where I am in life at that moment. When I find a song with lyrics that really speak to my experience I take them on as 'anthems'. They're nice to have because they remind me that I'm never alone in my experiences.

The world is far better when we can see that we are not alone in how we feel. Grief, sadness, fear, anxiety, stress - everyone knows what these things feel like. The causes and triggers for them can be very different but the actual feelings themselves are the same.

We can too easily get caught up in feeling like the things which we classify as 'bad' are what make us interesting. It's an angst ridden outlook to have and one which is simply not true. The things which make us unique, which makes us beautiful and amazing and interesting, are not the experiences we've had but the lessons we've learned from them and how they have helped us grow. It is the ability to grow, change and accept challenges, which are admirable in another person.

Misery is not unique but the choices we make to grow out of suffering are completely down to the individual. Lyrics can be a wonderful way to share the experiences a person has had and the lessons they have learned from them. 

For a time I used to say all love songs were 'bunk'. I had a broken heart and I was quickly realising that a healthy relationship didn't involve finding someone to 'complete me' or 'be my breath' or 'give me reason to live'.

These are common themes in love songs pumped out for mass appeal. They might be catchy, fun to dance to and have a great music video, but golly gosh I wouldn't for one second recommend anyone base any merit on them.

But then I began to discover how many songs are about self love, self respect and self discovery. And a lot of them deal with heartbreak as the root of learning the importance of loving yourself first, best and always. 

I have put most of these songs onto a playlist which I've titled 'therapy'. They remind me that I'm not alone, other people have been there too and they are making an amazing, creative, vibrant living from what they've learned. They're able to express their suffering through lyrics and come out the other end stronger and better for it. Because they know that life isn't about being knocked down. Life is about how you are able to get up again.


  1. Music is a powerful balm for me, too. I often wonder how those songwriters reached so deeply in to my soul and described my feelings. I love your songlist, too!

  2. Music is powerful, it will resonate with us and remind of things past, great memories or fun times. Music evokes emotions of all kinds. Music is a powerful communicator of how we feel and what is good and bad in the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-), Susan Cooper

  3. Popped over from a Simple Dude's blog loved your guest post left a good size comment not to long but not to short...........Now to this post I so now what you are talking to me when I listen to music I like to listen to something that matches my mood and at the same time makes me feel good and yes music can do both even when I am in a low mood.............I have always loved listening to music it is one way that helps me destress


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