Friday, May 1, 2009

May the First

"Let's celebrate spring with a crazy little things called...." -Jonathon Coulton

Woke up at 6:30am, wrestled the kitten and was thoroughly delighted to see the sun shining outside.

Showered, ate a gluten free bagel and started laundry. Ran to the bank to deposit my tax refund, ran home to put the tax refund on my Line Of Credit. Patted self on back for a job well done.

Enjoyed the sun with the kitten. Delirium frolicked, I took photos and planned out a sketch for a self portrait.

Checked movie show times and let the masses know when and where and how much.

Drove (without stalling) to Shoppers to mail a letter. Went to my parents house to find bacon on the stove. Checked e-mail and read what was at least the tenth text message wishing me 'Happy Birthday'.

Went to a massage with me mum. Mellowed. Bowed and recited thanks to a little Buddha statue in the room. Loved the energy...

Pre-purchased tickets to the movie and perused a clothing store to kill time before our 12 lunch reservations.

Lunch at Nick's with Nick and mum. Had the most fantastic Caesar salad, steak, prawns, rice and veggies with blueberry cheese cake for dessert. Danced int he parking lot afterwards to show my glee. Was given tickets to see the Dalai Lama by the 'rents!

Picked up Trevor and Sasha to take back to my parents to get my Pony to take them back to my place to get Trevor's jacket with ipod. Walked with Trevor and Sasha in the sun over to the Co-op. Said goodbye at the corner and went over to buy cream.

Got home and made a perfect tea. Began working on sketch.

Went online to see if a British bird was there. Chatted for a good long while, met some of her mates and showed off my birthday dance. Allison and Jon came home. Introduced my mates. Laughed til my cheeks hurt. Said goodbye.

Hung out with Allison and Jon and worked on sketch until realizing it was time to go.

Drive to the theatre (without stalling!) to meet Jasper, Jeans, K-Dawg and Krystal. Went in and asked if it was ridiculous to expect to be seated for the seven o'clock showing when it was only six. Found out the theatre was open and we were welcome to sit. Claimed a row and went outside to *glee* and wait for people I held passes for.

Had Laura, Sherina, Trevor, Allison, Jon and Chris show up as well.

Salivated over Hugh Jackman in jeans. Salivated over Hugh Jackman int he buff. Salivated over Hugh Jackman blowing things up. Salivated over Hugh Jackman popping veins when he's angry Wolverine.

Rarr. *shiver*

Drove Trevor and Jasper to Oolong for tea. Cielia, Silas and Shannon joined us. Spent a lot of time laughing and smiling. Cheeks continued to hurt. Got mis-matched socks, shoe laces and Killers CD's from Jasper. More fabulous mix CD's from K-Dawg and Krystal. A picture ball from Shannon.

Decided it was time to dance because my dancing shoes were itching. Laura, Jasper, Jeans and Sherina joined me at Twisted. Got a brilliant hug from DJ Crazy Steve. Danced for an hour, rocked the cage, crashed and burned at midnight.

Drove Jasper home, singing along to the music we blared.

Woke up today at 8:00. Tidied the howse in preparation for the parents arrival.

Parents arrived. Brother arrived. Allison and Jon arrived. Pancakes, bacon and eggs benny were consumed. Tea was made, sun was enjoyed. Delirium climbed a tree. Makutu did it first. Delirium climbs another tree. Delirium got stuck in the tree.

Bid farewell to the family. Allison went out and Jon went home. Sat outside int he sun, finished self portrait, soaked up the glorious sun.

*smiles the widest smile*

The Best Birthdays are full of the Best People, the Best times, lots of sun, kittens and Hugh Jackman in the buff.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! :D

    I enjoyed the sunshine today too, and climbed a steep slippery dirt hill barefoot, on all fours, it was AWESOME!

    See you!


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