Monday, April 13, 2009

How To...

Step 1.
Bleach your hair! Get it as bleached as possible. The lighter the better.
Step 2.
Shampoo your head and towel it, but leave it mostly damp.

Step 3. Get all your colours together.

Step 4. Yellow first, then the green. Wash your hand/glove in between colours with cold water.

Step 5. Red! If you're worried about getting it on your skin just put Vaseline around your face.
Step 6. Orange!

Step 7. Purple!
Step 8. Blue!
Step 9. Leave it in for as long as you can stand. I never go less than five hours.
Step 10.
Wash your head with FREEZING water and conditioner only. This closes the hair follicles and traps the dye more securely.


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