Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Happenstance!*

*Credit to Joss Whedon for the title...and is that how you spell his name? Whedon? There is an 'H', right?

On Friday I get this frantic sort of message from a friend and fellow selection committee member of Fairytales telling me to call the woman who runs the Uptown because they're screening 'Milk' and want to screen 'Affinity' prior to. I do the necessary follow-up and confirm that they can, indeed, show my film, if they'd like. They offer up two passes and seeing as I have Friday off, I figure why not? Seems like a fun thing.

So I'm going about the whole situation pretty casually because I don't think much of it, until I get a call on Tuesday from the Herald. When the guy introduces himself and the paper he's calling from I'm ready to say, "Not interested, news is depressing and I wouldn't read it anyway."
That's when he clarifies that he's calling for an interview, "We want to do a focus on more local arts and we'd like to do a bit on some local film makers. I notice your film is screening this Friday at the Uptown. Do you have time to talk now?"

As it happens, I do. This is an oddity since I work almost constantly. Divine intervention = the Universe works in beautiful ways. So i take the random time i happen to have to do a ten minute phone interview for the Herald. When i hang up it occurs to me, this is sort of a big deal! 'Milk' is, for those who don't know, the story of the first really 'Out' gay politician. He is, as my brother put it, 'sort of like the Martin Luther king of gay people.' This movie is huge and critically acclaimed and my little animation is screening right prior to it.

Gotta say, I'm really honoured they asked and happy I was quick on the uptake.

So, tonight, 6:50 at the Uptown. Come see 'Milk' which will be preceded by 'Affinity'.



  1. Hey, do you know if Affinity is available online anywhere? I'd love to see it.

  2. Hi! I'd also like to see Affinity.
    I've been involved in the Furry community for the last, oh, 14 odd years. I went to my first furry convention in 1998, just as I turned 18.
    Now I'm a happy little FurFag rollin along and quite happy in my place in life. ^.^
    Feel free to email me back, I love to chat.

  3. btw, here's my FA page, which contains more contact info. =3


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