Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guest Post - Why I Want to be a QI Elf

Hannah J got in touch with me through Twitter when I did a shout out asking for guest bloggers for November and December. As a fellow nerd I have to say, this contribution rings so true! 


Growing up I'd regularly watch University Challenge with my Mum and Dad. I never stood much chance of getting the questions right but the picture rounds and music rounds (when it wasn't obscure classical music) I could sometimes get right. I have a memory of watching it with my Dad one evening while my Mum was out. It was actually recording to video while we watched it. When my Mum got in about half an hour later we re-watched the episode. I think the idea that we had was that I'd seem really clever although I'd just be recalling the answers from memory rather than because I actually knew the information.

As I got older I got better at being able to answer questions but I still sucked at exams. Plain and simple. If it was a simple question (for example what year did World War II start in?) then I was fine. If it was more complicated (for example give 5 events that contributed to the start of World War II) then some reason I'd go to pieces and then 20 mark essay questions would just knock me for six. I swear in my History exam the war started after it had finished because I got in such a knot. I find that I can't recall the information in the right order or if I can then by the time it reaches the page it only makes sense in my head and not to the person reading it back (how anyone keeps up with me I have no idea!)

But knowledge excites me, I love to learn about new places and opportunities, I love to read books and now websites and blogs. I have been known to intently read the ingredients list on cereal packets and then look up what the ingredients are, just to see what certain things to do my body. Yes I'm a nerd, yes I'm a geek but I don't mind. The idea of putting all the random pieces of knowledge I have to use by being a QI Elf kind of excites me too. Also the possibility of working with like minded people.


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  1. Years ago I read a young adult book - can't get any more specific than that I'm afraid - where one of the main characters coached his colleagues to see that everybody is an expert at SOMETHING, even if it is "taking tea breaks". If you aren't an expert at WW2 politics then I figure that's OK. :)

    The smartest people I know aren't the folk who know everything. They're the ones who are the hungriest for new knowledge...


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